Careers at 1nfusion

1nfusion is a well-funded start-up, located in Zürich close to Limmatplatz. We combine expertise in sensor technology and the infusion device market with a passionate company culture and challenge the boundaries of today’s solutions. We believe that only by exposing ourselves to detailed, constant and honest feedback, will we be able to develop the best product providing the highest value.

Currently, we are not looking for additional team members, but we are always interested to hear from talented, motivated people who don’t want to work at Google.

On the shoulders of giants

Our recruiting is supported by a fantastic team and we would like to thank Katina Strimer and for the great collaboration that we have had in our recruiting process.

Katina Strimer is a senior consultant at KS Projects, a driven, creative specialist for employer branding and an absolute joy to work with. Click here to see her LinkedIn profile.

Softfactors is a recruiting solution that measures and compares both resumes and soft skills. Their solution adds the personal aspect to the recruiting process which helped us significantly to find the right candidate for our position. Click here to see their homepage.