Introducing Flow Sensing

Infusion pumps are used on a daily basis in hospitals all around the world. They are of great help to patients and hospital staff likewise. However, failures such as occlusions, kinked tubings, a detachment from the needle, cross flows from multiple infusions or others go undetected or are only detected very slowly. By measuring the drug flow directly, errors can be quickly and reliably detected or even prevented before they occur. Patients are safer and hospital staff experiences less false alarms.

Our vision

In 10 years, flow sensing will be established in infusion therapies. No patient will be harmed due to a preventable infusion error.



Flow sensing allows fast and reliable failure detection. Therapy complications and false alarms are greatly reduced.



Introducing a flow sensor reduces the complexity of the infusion system and the number of necessary parts.



1nfusion has developed an integration that is for the first time both technologically and economically feasible.

Our Team

We deliberately cultivate and actively reinforce our company culture. We believe that only by exposing ourselves to detailed, constant and bluntly honest feedback we will be able to develop the best technology providing the highest value.

Daniel Längle

CEO, Product Manager

Jonas Gartmann


Dominic Böni


Alexander Duschau-Wicke

Chief Quality Officer

Martin Batliner


Arno Suter

Embedded Software Engineer

Ulrike Längle

Backoffice Officer

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